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Name of leader          Rajkumar Meghen


Alias                                    Sana Yaima

Organization                    United National Liberation Front (UNLF)

Alt. Org. Name                 The United National Liberation Front of Manipur


Conflict country               India

Gender                               Male   


Year of birth                      1946[1]


Place of birth                    Manipur, India


Year of death                    N/A




No, there is no evidence he has died.


Birth order


His birth order is unknown.


Age at start of rebel leadership


In 1984, so at age 38.[2]


Leader entry method


He was elected general secretary.[3]




No, there is no evidence of powersharing.


Education (also name universities attended, if any); note any relevant experiences while a student


He has his postgraduate degree in International Relations from Jadavpur University in Kolkata[4] or Law at Jadavpur University in Kolkata.[5]


Ever married? If yes, age of first marriage


Yes, he is married.[6]




Yes, he has at least one son.[7]


Religious identification


He is likely Hindu.[8]


Elite family background


Yes, “Mr. Meghen is the great-grandson of Manipuri patriot Prince Tikendrajit Singh, who led the army of the Manipur kingdom in the Anglo-Manipur War of 1891.”[9]


Political affiliations and intellectual circles; note any relevant social connections made


He established contact with the Naga underground in Myanmar.[10]


Physical and mental health


No, there is no evidence of poor physical or mental health.


Pre-militant leader occupation


He was an activist, it appears he went directly from college to the UNLF.[11]


Experience in a state military, and role; any relevant social ties


His experience in a state military is unknown.


Experience in a nonstate military, and role; any relevant social ties


No, there is no evidence of experience in a nonstate military.


Combat experience prior to assuming resistance organization leadership?


His combat experience is unknown.


Held government position prior to assuming leadership?


No, there is no evidence he held a government position.


Lived in exile?


No, there is no evidence he lived in exile.


Study abroad?


Whether he studied abroad is unknown.


Did the leader receive military training abroad?


Whether he received military training abroad is unknown.


Did the leader have extensive work experience abroad?


No, there is no evidence he had extensive work experience abroad.


Serve time in prison? Social connections during that time?


No, there is no evidence he served time in prison. In September 2010, he was arrested, but was no longer leader after being arrested.[12]


Was there an assassination attempt on the leader by the state?


No, there is no evidence of an assassination attempt by the state.


Cause of Death?




Primary language, and other languages spoken as adult


He spoke Meitei language as his primary language, and he also possibly spoke Hindi.

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